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Creek Technologies Company

U.S. Department of Defense Contractor

Before starting Riverscape Web & Marketing LLC (Riverscape Web), our founder Andrew Johnson did some work for local Beavercreek, Ohio Department of Defense contractor, Creek Technologies Company (CreekTech).

Background/ History

Andrew first met CreekTech when he joined their team to provide web development services to their Center for Homeland Defense & Security (CHDS) contract at the Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) in Monterey, CA (a national leader in Homeland Security education).

Before joining CreekTech, Andrew spent 3 years as the Director of Technology for local company AMS Construction Parts; served as the Lead Web Architect developing patented diversity-spend tracking software for Mason, OH company ConnXus; and worked for Atlanta based agency Look-Listen on projects such as Alternative Apparel, Vintage Green Jewelry and BRIM and Bella Housewares.

In his younger years, Andrew also founded an I.T. social network, developed a PHP MVCR framework and wrote Cryptastic which was popular in the mid to late 2000s.

New Beginnings

In early January 2019, after joining CreekTech and developing fond relationships with CreekTech’s President and CEO, Lea Culver and his team of talented people, Andrew made the decision to embark on a new journey -- to start his own web and marketing agency.

Upon starting Riverscape Web, it wasn't long before he and CreekTech were in contact; CreekTech wanted to discuss a potential project.

The Right Fit

Before selecting Riverscape Web for the project, CreekTech met with 4 other local companies to gauge the market/opportunities. Determining Riverscape Web brought the best balance of in-depth services, quality, pricing and timeline, we were selected and a project kick-off meeting was scheduled.

Project Kick-off

The talented developers at Riverscape Web met with the CreekTech team for a project kick-off meeting. Soon after, the Riverscape Web development team began to dig in to design and develop an updated corporate website with custom CMS features to help uniquely put CreekTech in high rankings in Google search. The features of the website included:

  • A freshly designed/ responsive database-driven public facing website with company background, services, online fingerprint appointments, clients, job openings/ online job applications and news.
  • A custom content management system which has enabled CreekTech to easily manage such things as client profiles, fingerprint appointments, job openings and applications, news and more.
  • A lightning fast Level-3 managed dedicated web server.
  • Onsite CreekTech employee developer environment setup.
  • Onsite CreekTech employee administration/ developer/ programming training.
  • A monthly web update/ support retainer to provide regular updates as well as maintain the highest security hardening.
  • Google business profile, analytics and SEO services.

5 star review

Dayton's Fastest Growing Company

CreekTech was recently listed by the Dayton Business Journal as Dayton's Fastest Growing company as well as one of the top Department of Defense contractors.

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